Passlogy Co., Ltd. ("Passlogy") places great importance in protecting the personal information that it has received from customers.
In accordance with the company Privacy Policy, Passlogy will process personal information (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address etc.) only for the purposes defined below:

  • To send materials or gifts relating to document requests or questionnaires.
  • To provide services to users of our services and to bill for such services.
  • To sell our services.
  • To provide information about our services.
  • To request feedback on how we can improve or develop our products and services.

Even after a contract with a contractor has been completed or terminated, Passlogy may continue to process personal information within the scope of the purposes defined above. As a general rule, Passlogy will not process personal information outside of the scope of the purposes defined above or provide personal information to a third party, without the prior consent of the information subject. However, Passlogy may outsource the processing of personal information to another company when that activity is carried out under Passlogy's direct supervision.

If you do not wish to receive information about our product, services, or events, please notify us and we will stop providing you with such information.

Please use the following contact information for any queries relating to how Passlogy processes personal information:

Takii Tokyo Building (7th floor),  
1-6-1, Kanda-Jinbocho,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0051, Japan.

Tel: 03-5283-2263

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