What is PassLogic?

PassLogic is token-less one-time password authentication software that can replace current security token solutions and dramatically decrease cost by up to 80%

PassLogic is highly secure, easy to use, and cost-effective authentication system.

about passlogic

PassLogic Authentication Method

When a user tries to login to their system, they are presented with a 4 by 12 grid of random numbers. The user then simply inputs numbers following his/her secret unique pattern in relation to the grid. The user is protected as every time they login, the random numbers in the grid are changed and thus the password will be a different set of numbers.


Users can choose the unique pattern in the grid of random numbers by themselves.


Short Introduction how to login using PassLogic

How to Set Up Pattern

When users have to set up the unique pattern, users simply input numbers three times following secret unique pattern that users intend to set up.




Combination with Static Password


The combination of one-time password with static password can be used.

Administrator can set the password policy such as password length, password duration, lockout option and so on.