PassLogic Enterprise Edition Now Available on AWS Marketplace

TOKYO, JAPAN, Passlogy, a leading provider of tokenless one-time password solutions in Japan, today announced the availability of PassLogic Enterprise Edition for Amazon Web Service (AWS) on AWS Marketplace. PassLogic on AWS maximizes flexibility and scalability for enterprise-level one-time password authentication in the cloud.

On AWS Marketplace, customers can deploy PassLogic Enterprise Edition in less than 5 minutes, and in doing so reduce costs and implementation risks. Moreover, Passlogy has already verified that the authentication software is compatible with Amazon WorkSpaces as a multi-factor authentication solution.

“Some customers are significantly interested in PassLogic Enterprise Edition available on AWS, as a lot of organizations might be planning to migrate not only applications but security infrastructures to the cloud,” said Hironobu Sakai, CTO, Passlogy Co., Ltd. “I am confident that PassLogic on AWS accelerates the efficiency of application delivery for PCs, laptops, and especially smart devices because of its flexibility, scalability, security and cost effectiveness.”

“We are pleased that PassLogic is bringing their dedicated tokenless one-time password solution to AWS Marketplace,” said Terry Hanold, Vice President, AWS Platform and Marketplace, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “As more customers migrate their infrastructure to AWS, their ability to easily find, evaluate, and deploy security solutions from AWS Marketplace continues to be important.”

PassLogic pattern authentication method:pr20140326_1

When a user tries to login to their system, they are presented with a 4 by 12 grid of random numbers. The user then simply inputs numbers following his/her secret unique pattern in relation to the grid. The user is protected as every time they login, the random numbers in the grid are changed and thus the password will be a different set of numbers.

PassLogic Enterprise Edition Features

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