Notice regarding our company logo placement in the Netflix series TIGER & BUNNY 2.

Passlogy Co., Ltd. is cheering for Sky High in TIGER & BUNNY 2.

Passlogy is proud to announce its sponsorship of Sky High from TIGER & BUNNY 2, which will be released worldwide on Netflix in April 2022. Our corporate logo will feature on his chest.

■ Our mission is to become the King of Heroes of the cyber world!

Passlogy is an R&D company that specializes in authentication software. Under the corporate philosophy of “Aiming for a society where everyone can use IT with peace of mind”, we have been providing the advanced pattern-based authentication software, PassLogic, to enterprise and government organizations. PassLogic discreetly protects information assets and has become a market leader in Japan.

Sky High's simple-hearted desire to "protect the safety and peace of people" resonates with our desire to protect the safety and peace of the cyber world.

Cybercrime is now rampant throughout the world and there is a growing need for enhanced forms of authentication such as Two-Step Authentication or Two-Factor Authentication. However, a standard for enhanced authentication has failed to emerge. For this reason, we have invented 4Login, an authentication solution that excels on all fronts: security, usability, and cost effectiveness.

The deployment of 4Login across the global information and communication infrastructure will bring stable and enduring peace and security to the cyber world, which will, in turn, lead to better peace and security in the world more generally.

With the aim of becoming the King of Heroes of the cyber world, we will challenge the global market with 4Login.

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