Passlogy creates and builds authentication solutions centered on one-time passwords. We are committed to providing secure solutions and contributing to the development of a global information and communication infrastructure.

Company Profile

Company Name Passlogy Co., Ltd.
Street Address Kanda Ogawamachi San-chome Building,
3-26-8, Kanda-Ogawamachi,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0052, Japan
Established February 24, 2000.
Capital 100 million yen.
Listing Category Tokyo Stock Exchange, TOKYO PRO Market (stock code: 4426).
Main Operations Security software development and sales.
Senior Management President: Hideharu Ogawa
Director, CFO: Motohiko Mitsuno
Director (Outside): Keiko Yoshida (Certified Public Accountant)
Director (Outside): Yuichiro Ishii (Doctor of Engineering, Patent Attorney)
Corporate Auditor (Full-time): Yoshiyuki Uenishi
Patent Advisors Ashida & Kimura Patent Attorneys
Number of Patents Obtained Japan: 31; US: 14; China, UK, Germany, France: 5; Korea, Australia, Spain: 3; Canada, Ireland, Finland: 2; The Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Mexico, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Turkey, Belgium, Monaco, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Iceland: 1.
Total: 97 (Confirmed: May 2020)


Main Customers

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation, Internet Initiative Japan Inc.; NTT PC Communications Inc.; Serverworks Inc.; CTC System Management Corporation; NS Solutions Corporation; SoftBank Corp.; SoftBank Commerce & Service Corp.; TIS Inc.; DIS Solution Co., Ltd.; NEC Corporation; Japan Business Systems Co., Ltd.; Networld Corporation; Fujitsu Limited; Universal Computer System Co., Ltd.




Council of Anti-Phishing Japan.


SSFC (Shared Security Formats Cooperation).

JCDSC (Japan Card Data Security Consortium).

FIDO Alliance.



Intellectual Property

The patents used for each of Passlogy’s products are listed on the Virtual Patent Marking page below.

Virtual Patent Marking